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By | Aug 20, 2010

One of the first actions following a positive celiac disease diagnosis is purging your cupboards of food and beverages that contain or may contain gluten. If you are an adult, this might include clearing out your liquor cabinet or fridge of many alcoholic beverages you used to enjoy. In the early days it is often better to be safe instead of sorry. Fortunately, this is followed by becoming more experienced and finding safe (and hopefully healthy) substitutes for all the foods you lost. Once again this can include alcoholic beverages. So it seems funny with all the learning that has happened, a few products that never included gluten have slipped my mind completely.

Which brings us to this product review.

rocksakebottle1Though Sake is made primarily from rice and water it did not occur to me that it maybe a safe alcoholic beverage for people who have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant until Rock Sake submitted their product for review. Thankfully Rock Sake generously sent me two bottles of their high quality sake to sample and remind me how tasty this gluten free choice can be.

The Rock Sake shipment included two varieties of sake. Junmai Ginjo, the most common form of sake; and Rock Sake Cloud which is a roughly filtered form known as nigori sake.

In addition to being a more common variety of Sake, the Junmai Ginjo is also considered to be ultra-premium. The taste is very clear and crisp. Of the two this was my least favorite. Not because it tasted bad, because it did not, but because it had a bite to it that reminded me of alcohol that you would serve in a shot glass or mix into a cocktail. Since I’m not really a shot glass kinda girl, I would have preferred this in a cocktail or mixed drink, which is a common and very tasty way to enjoy this and many other forms of sake.

The Rock Sake Cloud was by far closer to a beverage I would pick for my self. Since this form of sake is less filtered more of the rice residue remains in the bottle, resulting in white cloudy look and sweeter taste. It tasted like sweet rice milk had been spiked with a bit of alcohol. It was very delicious by itself and would make a great addition to a sweeter cocktail.

Sake is often referred to as rice wine, but unlike wine Sake is not aged and tastes better fresh. Rock Sake is brewed in the US from all natural ingredients. The rice is grown in the Sacramento Valley in Northern California and the water comes from the coastal ranges of Oregon where the sake itself is made. In addition to being extremely fresh and made from natural gluten-free ingredients, Rock Sake does not contain any preservatives or sulfites.

If you would like to learn more about this product visit . There you will find more information about sake and Rock Sake aswell as find some great cocktail recipes.

Till next time, cheers!

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