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By | Jul 21, 2010

Natural and Organic Candy

Not too long ago a shipment of samples from Surf Sweets arrived at the NFCA’s main office. The NFCA staff is always excited when samples come in and doubly so when it is gluten-free sweets. Thankfully, I managed to make it out of the office with several of the bags to review and to use as bribes — I mean ‘incentives’ for the kids.

gf_GummyWormsIt did not take the kids long to spot the bags of Surf Sweets samples. For the rest of the review I will refer to them as Q and F. Q is a fifteen-year-old girl and self-proclaimed sugar addict. “Ohhh sugar!” she proclaimed when first spotting them. I informed her that they were samples for a product review. She made a sad face at that news until I told her that if she was willing to help with the review, she could have some of the candy. She quickly recruited her brother. F, a 12-year-old self-proclaimed candy connoisseur.

Though Surf Sweets provides a wide variety of fruit flavored gummy snack choices, for the review we only sampled their Fruity Bears, Sour Berry Bears, Gummy Worms, and Jelly Beans. Surf Sweets uses organic evaporated cane juice and natural fruit flavoring so there is no corn syrup in any of their fruit snacks. In addition to being Gluten-Free they are also nut, dairy and casein free. These fruit snacks include many of the positive ingredients, and more importantly are missing some of the major negative ingredients that make them an appealing treat to adults. But how will sugar-hungry, candy-loving kids react to them?

Organic Fruity Bears:
Q, noted that they were a tad less chewy than common gummy bears but felt that was a positive difference. F gobbled up his portion without complaint, which is the same as saying they are delicious. Neither seemed bothered by the absence of artificial sweeteners. Both kids thought the Fruity Bears were pleasantly sweet and found the natural fruit flavor “tasty”. Both agreed they would be glad to receive them as a treat again.

Sour Berry Bears:
A favorite road trip game for us is the “Sour Off”. Each of us samples a sour candy and waits to see who makes the most extreme sour face first. We all smiled at the idea that we might find another candy to add to the sour list. All three of us tasted one of the Sour Berry Bears at the same time. Q felt they were more tangy than sour. To me they tasted very close to a tart berry so I agreed with her. F on the other hand happily referred to them as “Brain Sour”. For the record F lost that sour off.

Gummy Worms:
The first thing we all noticed was that they were extremely stretchy, which is expected of a good gummy worm. Q stated that the taste and texture were almost identical to other gummy worms she had tasted and enjoyed. These ended up being her favorite of the four. F found them to be extremely chewy, yet very tasty and worth the effort.

Jelly Beans:
The results of this taste test were a bit surprising. Though we all enjoy jelly beans, Q is by far a bigger fan of this type of candy. However, she is not as big a fan of tropical fruit flavors. So she was not as happy with these jelly beans. On the other hand, F and I found the fruity flavor of these extremely tasty. All agreed that the best word to describe them was “fruity”.

The final conclusion of the taste test of Surf Sweets was that all participants would be happy to eat them again. For the kids, they tasted good. For me they tasted good, and contained ingredients I approved of. Another Win-Win review for us here at GFHP.

To learn more these and all of the products offered by Surf Sweets.

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  1. Jessica T. July 30, 2010 9:38 pm

    HELP! My Dad is coming to visit me, arriving Monday, and eats a gluten free diet and is a vegetarian. I need to stock food for his arrival but don’t know what he can or cannot eat. Can you offer some suggestions? I openly admit, I know nothing of the gluten free diet!

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