Mambo Sprouts Part 4: Breakfast with Barbara’s Bakery

By | Jun 10, 2010

If you read Mambo Sprouts Review Part 1: Glutino,  Part 2: Crunchmasters, or Part 3: Gluten Free Pantry then you know that as part of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) month long celebration of Celiac Disease Awareness Month(May) we have teamed up with Mambo Sprouts. The goal of this partnership is to use our joint resources to get the message of awareness out to an even larger audience.
Though May is over there is still one review left in this 4 part series. Now on to Part 4.

Mambo Sprouts Part 4: Breakfast with Barbara’s Bakery

Brown Rice Crisps, Multigrain Puffins, and Honey Rice Puffins

For this review mambo sprouts sent me three boxes of Barbara’s Bakery Cereals. I received a box each of Organic Brown Rice Crisps, Multigrain Puffins, and Honey Rice Puffins. Three great cereals, filled with organic whole grains and natural flavors, and void of all the things that should be missing like gluten, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

All three of these cereals contain whole grain brown rice. As you may know, rice is a very common substitute for ingredients that contain gluten. When white rice is used, the resulting product loses many of the healthy aspects the wheat version would have naturally contained. The alternative, brown rice, contains a healthy dose of protein, fiber, and vitamins. Not only is it healthier but the texture and taste tends to be closer to that of the gluten filled versions. That is why I am very happy when a gluten-free product is made from whole grain brown rice instead.

Brown Rice Crisps
Barbara’s Organic Brown Rice Crisp is a healthier alternative to white rice counter parts. It is very lightly sweetened with organic fruit juice. If you prefer a sweater cereal then tiny bit of your favorite sweetener could be added. Or top this cereal with some fresh fruit to make an even healthier start to your morning. If you enjoy making or eating marshmallow rice crisp squares, Barbara’s Organic Brown Rice Crisp is the perfect ingredient to make those tasty sweet squares not only good, but somewhat good for you too.

Multigrain Puffins
Of the two flavors of Barbara’s Puffin brand cereal I received the Multigrain Puffins were my favorite. A bowl filled with Multigrain Puffins will contain semi-sweet yellow, brown and white squares. The colors are not the result of artificial colors or flavors. Instead they come from the ingredients, all natural whole oats, brown rice, and corn. They stand up to sitting in a bowl of milk perfectly.

Honey Rice Puffins
Barbara’s Honey Rice Puffins are whole grain brown rice squares lightly coated in a thin honey glaze. Though it is the sweetest of the three, they are still not overly sugary. This makes it a great children’s cereal.

In addition to the Multigrain and Honey Rice varieties of Puffin, Barbara’s also comes in Original, Peanut Butter, and Cinnamon flavors. All varieties of puffin include great information on how you can help Barbara’s Bakery help improve life for Puffins. Barbara’s is a sponsor of the Audubon’s Project Puffin, which is working to restore puffins to historic nesting islands in the Gulf of Maine. To learn more about Project Puffin visit

To learn more about these great cereals and all the gluten-free products offered by Barbara’s Bakery visit

Before I had a chance to finish the 4 Part Mambo Sprout Review series, Mambo sprouts was kind enough to send another box filled with gluten-free products to review. Stay tuned for reviews that include Pamela’s Products, Ian Gluten-Free Animal Cookies, and much, much more.

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