Elevate Me! Energy Bars

By | Feb 4, 2010

Elevate Me! Energy Bar Espresso Recently I received a variety pack of Elevate Me! Energy Bars from PROSnack Natural Inc. Elevate Me ! Energy Bars are gluten-free protein Bars. Each 66 gram cold-formed bar (divided into 3 pieces per bar) contains 24% protein. In addition to being wheat free they are also soy free and contain no added sweeteners, preservatives, or flavorings. They are also low in fat and high in fiber. I know what you’re thinking, that’s all great news, but how do they taste? The answer is, pretty darn good actually.

Elevate Me! Energy Bars come in seven different flavors. All of the flavors contain a base of why protein isolate, date, and organic raisins. Then a variety of additional ingredients are added to make up the different flavors. The All-Fruit Original contains almonds, apples, cranberries, papaya, and mango. This was the one we thought tasted to strongly of dates. The Blueberry Cranberry Gojiberry Boost!, and Matcha Green Tea with Cranberries were my favorites because they were filled with complimentary tangy berry flavors. My significant other appreciated the addition of coca to Chocolate Acai Berry Brownie, Espresso Cocoa Crunch, and Cocoa Coconut Cluster. These tasted more like treats than a healthy protein bar. We both thought the addition of banana flavor in the Banana Nut Bread worked really with the date and raisin base.

Energize Me! energy bar Blueberry CranberryNo matter which flavor we ate the results were the same. We ended up satisfied and re-energized. The compact bar makes them a great meal on the go. In the case of my other test subject they made and easy quick snack to have when you are running out of energy are hungry and have lots of time till you can stop and have a full meal. The fact that Elevate Me! Bars are gluten free makes them a great option for training or competing celiac athletes (For more on celiac athletes visit NFCA’s Athletes for Awareness blog). However, the fact that they are also delicious makes them a yummy healthy snack for everyone.

To learn more about Elevate Me! Bars visit www.prosnack.com. Till next time, happy and healthy gluten-free snacking!

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  1. theorganicpantry February 4, 2010 11:10 am

    What caught my eye was the ‘no soy.’ Soy is making its way into lots of products now, and it’s not necessarily a good thing (though a recent study showed that it’s beneficial to breast cancer survivors). It’s good to know there are energy bars that leave out soy. Thanks for the good news!

  2. Geraldine Delgadillo February 24, 2010 6:26 pm

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  3. Zahir June 6, 2010 1:14 pm

    Do they have sugar added?

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