Doodles Gluten-Free Cookie Mix

By | Jan 8, 2010

Yesterday I baked a few trays of gluten-free cookies. I used the organic dry cookie mixes Doodles Cookies sent me to sample. Not having to gather and mix up all the dry ingredients was a great time saver and made the prep time so much shorter allowing for fresh baked cookies in no time.

Doodles Cookie mixes come in three gf varieties, Chocolate Chip, Sugar, and Nut Butter. Each box of Doodles Cookies Organic Gluten Free Cookie Mix contains all the dry ingredients you need to bake some fresh from the oven cookies. To mix up a batch of cookies all you need is two or three added ingredients. These are all common ingredients that can be found in most refrigerators and pantries.

In addition to adding an egg and vanilla extract to the chocolate chip cookie mix you also add applesauce. The result is a moist, yummy, chocolate chip filled cookie. For the Nut Butter cookies you can choose any nut butter you prefer. The Sugar Cookies can be mixed up with your choice of extract. Vanilla, lemon, or almond extracts are the suggestions on the box and each will result in a slightly different type of sugar cookie. So these three simple boxes actually result in a lot of variety depending on what you like to taste and bake with.

When I added the suggested ingredients to the dry mix I was surprised that the dough was so thick. It’s often suggested to refrigerate gf mixes since they are often runny. No refrigeration is required for these mixes though. If I had wanted to take extra time I could have even made the cookies into shapes.

As impressive as the cookie dough was, I was still a little skeptical. After the cookies were done baking I got another surprise. They were pretty darn tasty. The next step was to find more victims…err… test subjects. I gave cookies to two subjects both gluten eaters with a bit of experience in the wonderful wacky world of gluten free baking. The first an adult male who liked them and thought they would go great with coffee (which I completely agree with). The second an 11 year old boy who was not told they were gluten free. He quickly returned to the kitchen to say cookies were “yum!” and then asked for more.

On top of being gluten free, the ingredients that go into the mixes are organic and wholesome. Organic whole grain brown rice flour tops the list and I think that influences the final product a lot.

Great ingredients, easy prep combined with short cooking time, and yummy. I will call this product a winner. To learn more about Doodles Cookies visit

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  1. theorganicpantry January 9, 2010 3:27 pm

    I, too, tested and tasted Doodles Cookie mixes, and found them to be delicious! To answer that sweet-tooth call, yet not overeat, these mixes are the perfect answer since the yield is around two dozen. We belong to the Super-Size-Me society, and those who go along, are paying for it with bigger waistlines and other health problems. I love the idea of satisfying an urge to eat sweet. Doodles Cookie mixes deliver–taste, organic ingredients, portion control. AND the mixes come in the most eye-catching box I’ve yet to see!

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