Jules’ Gluten-Free Flour Review By Molly North

By | Dec 4, 2009

By  Kristin Voorhees, Program Associate for the NFCA

I refuse to compromise. That’s why I was determined to find an all-purpose flour that I could use as a one-to-one replacement in my favorite recipes.

It was love at first sight when I tried Jules’ Gluten-Free Flour. The recipe they provided for Beer Bread was absolutely delicious when I first took it out of the oven. It was light and fluffy and mouth watering and I wanted to cry because I hadn’t tasted bread that good in months. Being only 17, and having been diagnosed less than a year, the prospect of finding delicious bread in such little time seemed miraculous. I had no idea how to properly store my loaf, so I wrapped it in saran and a zip lock and prayed.

But alas, the loaf became dry and crumbly over the next several days and my excitement was short lived. Luckily, I still had faith in my 5 lb. bag of flour.

From then on, I used the Jules’ Gluten-Free Flour Mix for everything I baked. From lentil burgers to apple custard pie, it has never failed me, which is especially good considering that the recipes I use normally call for wheat flour. Yes, I think Jules’ Gluten-Free Flour Mix is the ultimate substitute for wheat flour. And though I haven’t used any Jules recipes since the Beer Bread, I do have faith in them. In fact, I plan to do a lot of my thanksgiving cooking from the “Jules’ 101 Thanksgiving” guide I downloaded from their website. Needless to say, I find myself evaluating my space in the kitchen as I get ready to ask my mother for the 20 lb. bag!

We have since contacted Jules and asked her about storing bread. She responded immediately urging me not to freeze or refrigerate the bread until I am ready to store the remainder of the loaf for breadcrumbs, stuffing or croutons. She explains that breads that use thin liquids (like beer and water) tend to dry out rather quickly. They are best freshly baked. She referred me to her Bread Making 101 e-booklet that includes two recipes using yoghurt, which Jules says “tend to stay moist for many days.”

I can’t wait to bake my next loaf!

For more great reviews and recipes visit Molly North’s blog.

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  3. Kelbel January 5, 2010 7:01 pm

    Have you tried Jules’ Pop Tart recipe? It is fantastic. Email me for the recipe if you don’t have it.

  4. Millie Delfino April 10, 2010 8:56 am

    Hi Jules’ I made fish last nite and used your flour for the batter it was delicious came out nice and lite and crunchy . I haven’t had fried fish in over 30 years , so i really enjoyed it.

    Thanks for your flour mix Millie

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