Easy Cake from Happy Kitchen

By | Dec 11, 2009

Today’s gluten-free review is for a quick and easy dessert or a guilty pleasure snack. The Gluten-Free Trading Company sent us some samples of Easy Cake manufactured by Happy Kitchen. Happy Kitchen is a line of easy to prepare baking mixes, prepared from high quality ingredients. Easy Cakes are small delicious gluten free cakes that are ready to enjoy in 3-4 minutes.
Each box of Easy Cake comes with a microwave-safe cooking container with a lid (to store leftovers), a bag of cake mix, and frosting. The directions are simple to follow. Just add a little vegetable oil, your choice of liquid (milk, soy milk, rice milk or water), an egg the cake mix, and stir. Microwave the cake for 2-3 minutes then add the frosting bar and you’re done! Easy Cakes come in two flavors, Dark chocolate or Vanilla. Each cake serves 1 to 3 servings depending on portion size.
I did not have high hopes for this product at first. I’ve tried regular microwave cake deserts and many of them fail so it was hard for me to think a gluten-free one was going to be any better. However I was pleasantly surprised once again. The cake ends up fluffy, the texture is smooth, and the flavor is yummy.
In addition to being gluten-free these cakes are also milk/casein free, peanut free, tree Nut tree, and vegetarian. That’s pretty amazing for a tasty, fast and easy gluten-free dessert. To learn more about Easy Cake visit the Gluten-Free Trading Company online at www.food4celiacs.com.

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  1. Nidia Rosher February 27, 2010 10:08 am

    Great article, thank you. I am very interested in finding a diet that lowers my sugar intake. I currently have a sweet-tooth, and am finding it difficult to find meal plans, what to eat for snacks, etc. While diabetes is not something that runs in my family, I am still concerned and would like to be smart and take a proactive approach to my health.

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