Three Senses Chocolate Soufflé

By | Dec 14, 2009

Today’s review is a very special product. Three Senses Gourmet makes an exceptionally delicious gluten free Chocolate Soufflé that comes as a ready-made frozen dessert. This amazing dessert won the 2009 NFCA’s San Francisco Gluten Free Cooking Spree “Best Product”.  The ingredients that make this great dessert are simple, all natural, and of the highest […]

Betty Crocker “Simple Joys” Contest Winner!

By | Dec 14, 2009

Drum roll…. The Winner of the GFHP Betty Crocker “Simple Joys” Contest is:  Leslie Hart! Congratulations Leslie Hart, I’ll be contacting you soon. Share on Facebook

Easy Cake from Happy Kitchen

By | Dec 11, 2009

Today’s gluten-free review is for a quick and easy dessert or a guilty pleasure snack. The Gluten-Free Trading Company sent us some samples of Easy Cake manufactured by Happy Kitchen. Happy Kitchen is a line of easy to prepare baking mixes, prepared from high quality ingredients. Easy Cakes are small delicious gluten free cakes that […]


By | Dec 7, 2009

Recently we received some samples of Flackers created by Doctor in the Kitchen. Flackers are nutritious crackers made almost completely of flax seeds. The makers of these crackers know there are a lot of health benefits packed into each tiny unsuspecting flax seed. They are natural sources of antioxidants, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and many […]

Jules’ Gluten-Free Flour Review By Molly North

By | Dec 4, 2009

By  Kristin Voorhees, Program Associate for the NFCA I refuse to compromise. That’s why I was determined to find an all-purpose flour that I could use as a one-to-one replacement in my favorite recipes. It was love at first sight when I tried Jules’ Gluten-Free Flour. The recipe they provided for Beer Bread was absolutely delicious […]

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