Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food

By | Nov 18, 2009

Here at GFHP we understand and enjoy nutrition. Even when snacking. A big part of a healthy diet as an adult is learning to appreciate how amazingly delicious healthy food is as a child. The makers of Ella’s Kitchen agree. They sell organic baby food and fruit smoothies designed to be healthy while tasting great. Ella’s Kitchen is a popular brand of baby food in the UK created by Paul Lindley for his daughter Ella. They are now also manufacturing and making this product available in the United States.

They were kind enough to send us samples of all six stage 1 organic baby food flavors and two of their organic fruit smoothie flavors. I am happy to say they have delivered on their promise of healthy yet delicious food. I even took a taste of each of the baby food flavors and was pleasantly surprised by their texture and taste.
All six flavors of Ella’s Kitchen Organic stage 1 baby food come in small unique pouches with twist of plastic caps that can screw back on for storage. These simple little pouches are extremely easy to travel with. To serve, simply twist of the cap and squeeze the contents on to a spoon. Each pouch is nicely designed to appeal to children and the ones who love them as are the witty descriptions printed on them.

As handy and cute as the packages are the food inside them are even more impressive. All the fruits and vegetables inside are high quality and 100% organic. Nothing extra is added not even water in resulting in a food that is free of additives, preservatives and fillers. Since organic fruit and veggies are the only ingredients this product is naturally gluten and dairy free.

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Fruit Smoothies are just as pure. They are not made with any sweeteners or sugars added so the flavor is that of a freshly blended all fruit smoothie.
These pouches are just as cute and come in four great flavors.

Currently, Ella’s is available exclusively at Babies R Us/Kids R Us and on-line through www.babiesrus.com and www.toysrus.com . In 2010 They will be available on www.diapers.com as well. Only the stage one baby food and the fruit smoothies are available in the US. However, they are scheduled to reach grocery store shelves in 2010 and hopefully they will bring their whole line of baby foods, drinks, and snacks with them.

For full product details and information on availability please visit Ella’s Kitchen Online.

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