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By | Oct 23, 2009


We were prowling along the Gluten Free Marketplace at last month’s Appetite for Awareness event in Philadelphia, sampling so many GF breads, cookies, brownies and pizzas that we thought we’d max out our yearly carbs quota in a single evening, when we stumbled upon Zukay Live Foods fermented and probiotic salad dressings. Up to that moment, our gluten free salad dressing experience was pretty much limited to the Newman’s Own product line. Spread out for all to behold was Zukay’s entire salad dressing product line: Sweet Onion Basil, Tomato Provencal, Cucumber Mint, Red Pepper Cilantro, Carrot Ginger and Tomato Pepper Pesto.

The enthusiastic and growing crowd at Zukay’s table prevented us from sampling more than a few of the intensely aromatic and zingy flavors, but we were instantly hooked. Thankfully Zukay was able to provide us with two more samples of their Tomato Provencal and Red Pepper Cilantro flavored dressings to test out at Gluten Free Hot Products headquarters.


The results: each salad dressing seems to rush forth with a potent, lively bouquet and flavor. The texture is somewhat thin being that no oils or thickeners are added, so a blend with extra virgin olive oil is recommended if you’re into that sort of thing. We found that a little of the dressing went a long way. Fermented foods seem to be something of a lost art form in America and that particular taste may require some time to adjust to, but we found it easy to acclimate to.

This is quite possibly the healthiest food product we’ve ever reviewed here. There are no added sugars, oils or preservatives. It’s 100% raw, so all the natural enzymes are intact. Probiotic cultures of acidophilus and bifidobacterium are added. And here we want to point out that increasing beneficial intestinal flora is of great importance to celiacs and that it’s great to be able to eat acidophilus in a non-dairy form.

More detailed information on these salad dressings as well as Zukay’s other products can be found at the Zukay.com website. Samplers and cases of single flavors are available from their online store and from a growing number of health food stores.

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  1. Paula George December 1, 2009 7:18 pm

    Try the Organicville Gluten-Free salad dressings. They are excellent.

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