Yummy Blue Cheese Salad

By | Jul 29, 2009

Here is a simple, yet delicious recipe for a healthy salad that I often enjoy and a few notes on some of the ingredients.


  • Spring Salad Mix
  • Red Seedless Grapes (cut in half)
  • Pear (Peeled and cubed)
  • Blue Cheese
  • Pistachio Nuts
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

The amount of each ingredient can be increased or decreased depending on your taste. I like to empty the salad mix into a large bowl, add the dressing, and toss it to get a good coating of the dressing. I add the other ingredients after I have placed the tossed greens into the bowls the salad will be served in.

Now, a few notes about some of the ingredients in this salad:

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese can make some people nervous. This is because in the past Penicillium mold, the blue stuff you see marbling the cheese, was grown on bread. Now-a-days cheesemakers and manufacturers have the option of using a mold grown on a gluten-free media, though some still prefer to make it the old fashioned way.

bluecheeseAfter a bit of research I found a great blog post about this subject on Serious Eats. The post quotes a recent study performed by the Canadian Celiac Association that discovered blue cheese with mold made from either source contained less than 1ppm of gluten. You can read that post here. If you’d rather play it safe, Allison St. Sure, the creator of Sure Foods Living, has posted a great list of GF Blue Cheeses here. Shredded cheddar cheese can be used instead if you prefer to avoid blue cheese all together.

Pistachio Nuts

Though I have not found any Pistachio Nuts that list wheat as an ingredient I have read a few complaints. I suggest purchasing Pistachios still in their shells, which you can find at Wegman’s as well as many other stores.

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
With salad dressing as with any food it is important to check the label and do your research. Newman’s Own website has a very helpful table listing their products and any allergens or sensitivities included in them. Their balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing is listed as gluten free and it is yummy.

Happy Healthy Eating!

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