Gluten-Free Cones

By | Jun 3, 2009

Barkat ConesIce cream season has arrived. Though a scoop or two of a favorite flavor of ice cream can be nice, a yummy crunchy cone can make that cold, creamy treat even better. Living gluten free no longer means skipping the cone.
Barkat and Goldbaum’s Natural Foodsboth offer gluten free ice cream cone.
goldbaums_gluten_free_ice_cream_conesThere is very little difference between the tastes of these two brands of cones. Both are crunchy and taste exactly the way a cone should taste. So, even someone who is not on a gluten free diet can enjoy them as well. The big differences between these two brands are the shape, size and quantity of the cones. You can find product details, read costumer reviews, and purchase either of both of these products at The Gluten-Free Mall.

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  1. GlutenFreeCones June 8, 2010 6:25 pm

    WOW!!!!!! this cones are great in test, and shap, u will not even know thets its gluten free, my kids love tham. we cant be with out it thanks and injoy,

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