Movie Night

By | May 29, 2009

smartfoodThere are few things as fun as movie night. Whether it is at a theater, or at home I really enjoying taking the time to slow down and enjoy a good movie (or sometimes for the fun of it a really bad movie). However, the movie is only part of the formula for having a successful movie night. The gluten-free popcorn and candy you choose can be just as important as the movie you pick.
Though movie theater popcorn can be iffy depending on what is used to flavor it, there are many gluten-free types of popcorn that can be safely enjoyed at home. My current favorite is Smart Foods White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn. It is so light and crunchy with just the right dusting of powdery white cheese flavor. If you prefer microwave popcorn, give Newman’s Own Microwave Popcorn a try. It comes in a variety of butter flavors as well as plain and is organic.
jr mints No movie night is complete with out a sweet gluten-free candy treat. Many of the Gluten-free candy choices available can be found at the theater as well as local stores including my all time favorite movie sweet, Junior Mints. I adore each bite of these chocolate covered, creamy mint filled candies and the best part is they are gluten-free. If Junior Mints are not your favorite candy you may be able to find more gluten-free suggestions at In addition to a list of gluten-free candies, they also provide list for other dietary needs. You may even find a few surprises.

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