Toro Sponge Cake Mix

By | Apr 3, 2009
Toro Celiac-Safe Sponge Cake Mix

Toro Celiac-Safe Sponge Cake Mix

Norway’s # 1 brand of gluten-free baking mixes has come to the U.S. Toro Sponge Cake Mix is one of the four baking mixes imported From Norway by the manufacturer Rieber and Son and distributed in the U.S. by The sponge cake mix is extremely flexible. In addition to yummy sponge cakes (one 12.9 oz package makes 3 cakes) it can also be used to make breads, cookies, cupcakes, and even pizza crust. The texture and flavor are better than most other gluten-free baking mixes. This may be due to the ingredients which contain a specially formulated wheat starch designed to contain less than 200 parts per million (0.02%) gluten. Though this is certified as safe for celiacs according to the European Union Codex Standards, if you have an extreme intolerance to gluten or just rather play it safe, you may want to try Toro’s white Bread Mix instead. The white bread mix is made with 100% naturally gluten free ingredients. Ready to give one of these mixes a try? Go to to get full product details for all four of their baking mixes, ordering information, and wonderful recipes. If you like what you see you can order through them, use their store locator, or order through

Till next time, happy gluten-free baking.

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  1. Reidun Stief December 1, 2011 8:38 pm

    Bought Toro Gluten Free Spongecake mix. Made Boston Cream “cake” and Strawberry Shortcake for my
    husband who has celiac. He LOVED it, as did everybody else that was lucky enough to get to taste
    it. Now I have run out of Spongecake mix, and am trying to find where I can buy it.
    Tastelikerealfood is out of business?
    Can anybody help me – where can I buy this. My husband really want more of these delicious cakes.

  2. Lin Jennings December 10, 2012 1:51 pm

    Where can I purchase Toro Sponge Cake Mixes in Chicagoland.

  3. Alicia December 10, 2012 4:05 pm

    Hi there! This post is from a few years ago, so I searched around online and it seems like Toro is unfortunately no longer selling in the US. I found this link for a Toro closeout sale, but it’s unclear if the products are still available: Might still be worth a try.

    Thanks for checking out the Gluten-Free Hot Products blog!

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